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Our #first post,

24th January 2020

Populism is a very new and contested 'ideology' which has seen a major drive and implementation into 21st century politics globally. It is often portrayed as a threat, 'far-right' conservatism and other absurd untruths.

I, the Administrator and creator of this page has set up an online blog which will discuss and dispel myths surrounding populism, create a platform for open discussion and explore alternative opinions on the subject (if successful).

As said previously, with any ideology, there are a range of different types, interpretations and history surrounding the system of beliefs. There are many figures who claim to have had been populist, but in fact have not. Namely, one historic figure, present in the early 20th century has been characterised as a populist. Yet this man, a tyrannical genocidal maniac, responsible for millions of deaths through extreme nationalism, hatred and intolerance has nothing in common with populism, contrary to a minority belief.

However, there are many figures who have represented this ideology, who do in fact have an extreme interpretation of populism, on issues such as immigration, national identity and 'the great replacement'. Whilst it may not be a moderate form of populism, it is still part of the ideology nonetheless. Populism should not be shrouded by racist sentiment or hatred for other people. This is just one of the inaccuracies I want to expose and discourage from the perceived account of the movement as a whole.

Thank you for your interest in my page: if your reading this, your support is dearly appreciated.

Yours Aye,

The Administrator

- Marine La Pen and her father, Jean-Marie La Pen


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